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Totality of Project Management

Totality of Project Management (TPM) body of knowledge is most contemporary with cutting edge tools and techniques used globally and Soft skills essential for effective project delivery with focus on Indian work environment.

Managing change is becoming increasingly complex due to rapid technological advances and instant seamless exchange of information globally. Goals and strategies can be successfully achieved through projects. Past experience must be tempered with
the future to manage changes pro-actively. We must take decisions consciously considering uncertainties. The challenge in managing projects lies in accelerating the 'rate of reduction of uncertainties'.

TPM is broken into 8 project life cycle phases with 39 knowledge areas having 119+ concepts.

There are eight Project Life Cycle (PLC) phases – Conceptualize, Plan, Organize, Implement, Control, Integrate, Deliver and Closeout and Knowledge Leverage. Each phase has been depicted using different colors of varying intensity showing the intensity of the work during that phase.

Some of the 36 Knowledge Areas covered are: Stakeholder Management, Need Analysis, Business Case, Success Criteria, Scope Definition, Time Management, Cost & Finance, Project Management Plan, Roles & Responsibilities, Risk & Opportunity,
Procurement, Quality, Information Management & Reporting, Contract Administration, Communication, Organization Structures, Leadership, Motivation, Conflict Resolution, Team Performance, Negotiation, Change Management, Issue Management, Problem
Solving, Internal & External Interfaces, Health, Safety and Environment, Closeout, Post Project Evaluation, CSR, Agile methodology PM Fundamentals etc.